What IS 300 Trainer?

It’s a downloadable course for the fitness professional (i.e., personal trainers, yoga instructors and other movement specialists) that teaches you how to leverage smart phone technology to become more effective with your time.

This is not a set of motivational YouTube videos, rather 300 Trainer is an innovative methodology. The unique marketing strategies, sales tools, and step by step instruction will increase your income while providing more value and make you accessible and affordable to millions of clients from all over the world.

Spending an hour coaching a client is a thing of the past.

We have created a Course that will empower your personal training business to produce a six figure income working 3 days a week.  This done-for-you system will show you step-by-step how to earn well over $300/hr as a personal trainer. Utilizing the technology on your cell phone and our proven methodology, you will now be able to train clients from all over the world, making you accessible and affordable to millions.

Become a $300 an hour trainer without training a single celebrity client.

According to bureau of labor statistics analysis 2015, celebrity personal trainers earn an average of $300/hr but the average personal trainer earns $50/hr.

So what’s the difference between you and a $300/hr celebrity trainer?

It’s not expertise. No, you have the same level of knowledge and experience as many celebrity trainers.

It’s not creativity. For years, you have been designing and implementing innovative workouts for your clients.

It’s not personality. Your clients love you! You’re proud of the strong working relationships you have built.

Then what is it? What makes these celebrity trainers qualified to demand a higher rate than you? This is a very important question to ask, because it effects everything in your life.

We will never go back to a traditional personal trainer again. There is absolutely nothing else like this out there right now. – Dave & Liana Saltzman Wellington, FL

You are a personal trainer, and proud to be one.

You came into this profession to make a difference, to play a vital role in our global fight against obesity and other chronic diseases. You work hard every day to help others, and you push yourself to be a model example of health and fitness.

So why can’t you have it all? Actually, we are here to show you that you can. The 300 Trainer Course is a done-for-you road map, with a proven success record, created by trainers to help you strike a healthy work – life balance, work smarter, earn more and impact the world like never before.

Think about it. Improving the value and the impact of your time is certainly worth learning about. You only get one life, and to not be able to live it fully, pursuing other interests, traveling, or spending adequate time with your family and friends, is unacceptable.

If you are a personal trainer working 50-60 hours a week and feeling like you’ll never get ahead, we totally understand how you feel. We’ve been there.

This Course is for those who:

  • are on the verge of burnout and have lost the passion you had earlier in your fitness career.
  • are undervalued and underpaid by your employer.
  • refute the fact that celebrity trainers are making more money, but are no more skilled or qualified.
  • want to be known for a high level of professionalism, integrity, quality results and fair prices.
  • want to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • want to create a brand and solidify a reputation to be proud of.
  • feel that you are not truly making an impact, or living up to your potential.

I am held accountable to each work out, and I have the hands–on, personalized feel and customization I never previously thought could be achieved via virtual training. – Dr. Ciara Marley New York, NY

300 Trainer was born out of these frustrations

We knew there must be a better way. So we listed all the benefits of personal training and distilled these down into one compact package. We introduced this new alternative to current clients utilizing cutting edge technology on our smart phones. They were happy receiving better value at a fraction of the cost and we excited because our hourly rate went up while overhead and time spent training clients went down. We had figured out a way to triple our output while simultaneously fractioning our input, resulting in a win/win for everyone.

Referrals from happy clients started flooding in. Because this new training method was more efficient, cost-effective and results-driven, word was spreading like wildfire. We were onto something and we knew the future of personal training will never be the same.

Take back control of your life. Today we are in full control of our schedules. We have struck an ideal work-life balance and are able to travel anywhere and work with anyone.

This course is for all fitness professionals who want more out of their careers. To make more, to give more, to be more.

Designed for immediate implementation with both current and future clients, this scalable solution is for all demographics.  You will not have to lose any clients or burn any bridges at the gym or other place of work.

Put together, these components yield higher client retention, more money in your pocket, peace of mind, increased happiness and lower stress. If this emulates the life and career you want, join the cutting-edge group of trainers who are now making what they are worth.

Refer Customers and Get Paid

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Yes it's that simple.

Daily Life

The underlying goal for 300 Trainer is to help  achieve a work life balance that improves your quality of life. That is creating a change for the better.

Love Your Work

We know you love what you do. Helping your clients achieve their goals is so gratifying and can never be taken away from you. The love for fitness and the passion you share enables you to be a role model in a world seeking inspiration.

Why Efficacy?

Efficacy is maximum efficiency, but better, as is it results in maximum effectiveness as well. It is one thing to be efficient in your work, but this does not guarantee the quality of your work, or if the “efficient” time you spent was effective at yielding a desired result.

Our Mission

To leave the world a better place… Sounds simple right? It starts with you and we are here to help. Our Course is anchored to an ideal of empowerment that actively seeks value creation for yourself and for those you interact with.

300 Trainer Mission:

To educate and empower personal trainers to maximize their value.

So jump aboard!! We are making waves and would love to have you on our team.

Give Back

300 Trainer is proud to support Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization made up of former CIA, Navy SEALS and Special Ops operatives, who are dedicated to extracting and rescuing the victims of child slavery worldwide.


We recognize the crucial need to put a permanent end to child sex trafficking, and regularly donate a portion of our proceeds in an effort to help O.U.R. realize this goal.