The Course

From: $160.00

Congratulations! You are about to join a new breed of trainers. We are cutting-edge, resourceful, and are helping more people in less time. In short, you will now have the opportunity to impact the world in a way personal trainers have never been able to do before, and finally earn what you are worth.

Over 15 years of fitness experience and real world application has gone into this certification. There is no other resource in the fitness world that thoroughly demonstrates how to effectively maximize your schedule, increase your hourly rate, and scale your markets and reachability, resulting in a business and lifestyle that you can be extremely proud of.

Sometimes to get to that next level, you have to commit to your education, and right now is your opportunity to do just that. Don’t let the next 12 months be like the last 12 months. Make a decision to reach that next level. 300 Trainer can take you there and change your life in the process.

$160.00 / month for 4 months

Video Module 1

  • A comprehensive understanding of the 300 Trainer mission, methodology and passion behind some of today’s most successful online personal trainers
  • Complete breakdown of how to work smarter, not harder running your fitness business
  • Reframe the concept of personal training utilizing today’s technology
  • Work life balance overhaul

Video Module 2

  • Refining the primary benefits of personal training
  • The new way of training and the anatomy of the 10 minute session
  • How to convert your current clients and overcome ALL objections
  • How to gain new clients from all over the world
  • The 300 Trainer proven pricing model to satisfy all demographics
  • How to sell to college students, baby boomers, AND soccer moms
  • Virtual training etiquette
  • New client conversion script (.pdf)
  • Current Client Conversion Script (.pdf)
  • Overcoming Objections (.pdf)

Video Module 3

  • Structure the day to maximize your earning potential
  • Implementing morning and evening rituals
  • Establish and protect boundaries around your time
  • Organize your week to ensure a optimal work / life balance
  • Get clear on your worth
  • Be taken seriously as a personal trainer
  • Automate clients billing and contracts for long term revenue
  • Work 3 days a week and make over 100k a year
  • Goal setting that yields results
  • Checklist for Virtual Training Session (.pdf)
  • Contract Tips (.pdf)
  • Accountability Worksheet (.xls)

Video Module 4

  • How to not be an idiot with your money
  • Making yourself priority number one
  • Steps to avoid burnout
  • Rediscover your passion for coaching
  • The individual / group training models earning potential
  • The financial breakdown to making $300/hr long term
  • Supplement your income in a flexible way
  • Social Media/Email/Text Guidelines for Booking Clients (.pdf)
  • 300 Trainer Template Work Outs (.pdf)
  • Recommended Resources (.pdf)


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6 Months of Workouts


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We’ve done the work for you! Download 24 weeks of workouts, creating more time for you to go out and enjoy life. This word document includes 48 workouts that you can simply copy and paste to your programming schedule. Optimized for healthy, injury–free client who has access to a gym and is working out twice a week.