We hate going to the gym. We also have a newborn, so it’s been really hard recently finding the time to exercise. We enjoy working out together, but we can never agree on which workout DVD to pop in, and we also really wanted to avoid buying a ton of expensive equipment too (there is nowhere in our apartment to store it! LOL.)

Lian’s new method of training was THE perfect solution for us. Convenient, affordable, personalized, Lian created and implemented innovative workout solutions for each of our individual goals, so that we could workout together, maximize our time to train and achieve solid results in a couple months’ time.

Her training methodology just made it so easy to stay on track and to stay accountable. Within one week, our workout sessions were effortlessly streamlined into our weekly routine, and we couldn’t believe how easy the transition was.

We definitely plan on continuing to train with her, using this new cutting-edge format. Honestly, we will never go back to a traditional personal trainer again. There is absolutely nothing else like this out there right now, and we believe she is truly onto something big 🙂

We have recommended Lian Price, and her training platform to all of our friends and family. This is hands-down THE best way to train for fast, affordable, and truly lasting results, and we are so happy we made the switch! Thank you Lian for helping us BOTH get our pre-baby bodies back and making it so incredibly convenient, easy and rewarding 🙂

–Dave & Liana Saltzman
Wellington, FL


Skype training has been amazing because it is so easy to fit into any schedule. It works wherever you are- at home, at the gym, in a hotel. I love having friends join as well- those seem to be the sessions where everyone pushes themselves the most and it’s fun! The best part is the cost savings – hiring a trainer is expensive but virtual training allows you to get many of the same benefits of a trainer without the high costs. Your form is corrected during the session so you’re prepared for the workout once you hang up. Thank you Lian for making training easy, fun and not crazy expensive!

Lindsay Conroy
–Morris Plains, NJ


I had been searching for a trainer who fit my goals, budget, and schedule. I’m so happy that Lian’s fit body popped up on my Instagram one day! Lian and I met for my consult and when she explained her Facetime training to me I knew it was a perfect fit. I have trouble self motivating and needed a trainer to keep me accountable. Having a specific time that I need to be up, dressed, and in the gym to Facetime Lian has kept me on track with my fitness goals.


Not to mention the money I save with this method. There are other trainers in San Diego who wanted close to $400/ month for small group training. With Lian, I get one on one training and advice for a great price. Not to mention, her positive attitude and smiley face first thing in the morning to motivate me! I am so grateful that I found Lian and her genius Facetime training!

–Michelle Hall
San Diego, CA


Last year I relocated for work. This transition initially made it very difficult for me to find a trainer I can trust or a gym that has the type of equipment that I am accustomed to using. Now, I complete all of my workouts via virtual training with Lian, and I have to say, this has made staying fit exponentially easier. Thank goodness Lian has devised this new system to accommodate clients at a distance.

It’s not just the FaceTime platform that has made this type of training so convenient and effective, it is the entire structure she has developed and method of delivery that makes this such a slam dunk for me. There is also a level of professionalism in her delivery which is unrivaled as far as I am concerned, when compared not only to other virtual trainers, but to all personal trainers in gyms as well.

I would highly recommend Lian’s virtual training method to anyone at a distance, who is looking for an affordable and extremely effective way get in, or stay in tip-top shape.  Thank you Lian for taking all the stress and worry out of this one very crucial area of my lifestyle.

–Katie Renton
Paris, France


After working with Lian, we don’t see ourselves ever going back to a traditional personal trainer again. After our initial consultation, we were intrigued as to how this kind of training would work, but after the first session, we knew we had found the right solution for us and our fitness goals.

Her sessions are brief and to the point, and we really appreciate that. She has essentially cut out everything about a traditional training session that is unnecessary and we don’t wish to pay for.

The scheduling has been super convenient for both of our busy schedules as well, and we like the fact that there is both an independence and an accountability factor to these kind of training sessions.

We have worked with different trainers and this is the first time we are actually seeing real, measurable results, and we are so happy. Before we were used to paying $1,000’s for personal training, but now we get to receive all of these benefits for a fraction of the cost. Thank you to Lian for making us leaner and stronger in such a smart and accessible way.


–Abdullah Al-Hashani & Joud Fatani
San Diego, CA


I love my personal trainer! She got me eating healthy and helped me transform my body. After months of once a week in-person sessions, my schedule and financial considerations made things difficult. Lian introduced me to FaceTime Training, that not only was less stressful and easier to schedule, but also was much more cost-effective.  I now can have more sessions per week and have more flexibility, if I need to adjust the timing of my actual workout.  I am still getting high quality instruction, demonstration of moves and direct feedback on my form. And, most importantly, there is accountability which keeps me on track, consistent, and making progress on my body shaping and fitness goals!


–Dr. Marialyn Sardo
La Jolla, CA

Alicia Fiorletta

My work schedule can be demanding and include random spurts of travel that last for a few days. A FaceTime training program gives me the flexibility to tailor my workouts to the time, resources and workout machines/materials at my disposal. Not to mention the one-on-one in-person time helps forge the connection between myself and Lian. This way I can see the exercises and the form first-hand, to ensure I get the most out of my workout. Lian is a fantastic and passionate trainer, and I’m thrilled that distance didn’t impact us being able to work together!”


-Alicia Fiorletta
Rockaway, NJ

Ciara Marley

As a full–time physician, mom and wife living in Manhattan, life can get pretty hectic. I had been searching for a way to train at the gym with the same level of attention and program customization of a personal trainer, and Lian offered the perfect solution. I am able to bring her with me to the gym on my phone, since she is in California, and because of the unique way in which she acclimates me to each workout, there is a ton of flexibility and never a scheduling issue.

I also like the fact that I am still held accountable to each workout, and I have the hands–on, personalized feel and customization I never previously thought could be achieved via virtual training. Lian’s technique is awesome, and I truly believe everyone should be training this way. Her methods are the most progressive in the fitness industry, ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimum output of resources.

–Dr. Ciara Marley
New York, NY


I would just like to share that Lian has encouraged me so much, and this process has felt, to me, like I am starting to live again. If it weren’t for my FaceTime training sessions with Lian, I know I would have just stayed in bed every single morning and not exercised at all. But training in this way has motivated me so much. Before, I wouldn’t even want to go to the gym because I always felt embarrassed. Now, I just grab my cousin and I’m like, “Okay lets go,” and I am able to do that because my self-esteem, body awareness and workout know-how have all improved SO much.

Thank you Lian, because I have always started and stopped, and have never stuck with anything. But you have always been a great encouragement and I thank you for
that. Now I look forward now to our workouts!  They fuel my motivation to eat
better, I no longer have cravings for bad, unhealthy stuff, and I am even excited now to go on trips with my family because, for the first time in a very long time, I can actually keep up with them.  I’ve been able to reduce my medication as well, because of how active and fit I have become, so overall I’m just really happy. Hands down, FaceTime training has been a total lifesaver, from start to finish.

– Veronica Cortez
Downey, CA



300 Trainer has completely revolutionized the way I work. By implementing the strategies laid out in this course, I was able to immediately make my personal training sessions more convenient for my clients, as well as more innovative, affordable and mobile. I am now MUCH more accessible to my ever-growing base of clientele, which is of utmost necessity to me at this point in my career.

The 300 Trainer method also provided the infrastructure I needed to truly take my business to the next level. I’m excited that my training services now provide such tremendous value, while at same time tripling my former hourly rate. I believe this is where the future of fitness is headed and would recommend this course to any personal trainer who is looking to become a leader in our industry.

Lia is a personal trainer specializing in training women one-on-one, in small group settings, and during pregnancy. Her style of training is a combination of strength and cardiovascular movements with moderate weight and moderate to high repetitions. This intense strength training with brief recovery periods builds muscular strength, endurance and maximizes total calorie burn creating a very effective workout in a short time.

-Lia Docherty, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Florham Park, NJ


I am so excited to work with 300 Trainer, as it has changed the entire scope of my practice. Since incorporating the strategies I learned from their certification, I am more effectively managing my time, schedule, and book of business on a day-to-day basis. I have increased the value, scope and affordability of my training, elements that are all important for creating long-term, sustainable client relationships and revenue.

This seamless, systemized approach to training and business management is going to be the new personal training standard. I believe we are on the cutting-edge, the start of the next big wave in the progression of our industry.

Essentially, The 300 Trainer method is going to finally bridge the gap, making personal training services accessible and affordable to everyone. It enables personal trainers to help more people get fit than ever before while still maintaining a highly level of individualization and attention. Because of these factors, I believe fitness professionals everywhere should make this a cornerstone of their continuing education.

-Lindsay Renteria, Crossfit Athlete and 24hr Fitness Personal Trainer

La Jolla, CA


The 300 Trainer methodology represents the future of the fitness industry. There innovative perspective on marketing, and the ability to use technology to share your knowledge as a trainer has shifted how I do business as a fitness coach. The 300 Trainer team has created a course that is a rare blend of ambition, passion and integrity. I can say that from my own experience implementing their certification course, it is clear they are going to revolutionize the way personal training is done. The knowledge I gained has skyrocketed my business and the lifestyle tips have added value to my life as a fitness professional. I am looking forward to sharing this new way of coaching clients with my peers.

-Hunter O’ Brien, Movement & Performance Coach

San Diego, CA


As the owner of a successful turn-key personal training agency, I know what it is like to be an innovative leader in our industry, and I am constantly on the lookout for the next big wave in fitness. 300 Trainer is that next big wave.

Through my company, I have developed and managed the career growth of over 100 fitness professionals. Prior to opening my company, I worked as a master trainer and head manager of a large gym. Needless to say, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to achieve true and lasting success as a personal trainer, and I have yet to come across a resource as comprehensive as the 300 Trainer certification course.

If you choose only one course for the rest of your fitness career, take the 300 Trainer course. There is no other resource out there that so thoroughly demonstrates how to effectively maximize your schedule, increase your training volume, scale your markets and reachability, and ultimately produce both a business and a lifestyle that you can be extremely proud of.

Further, this course will not only benefit you, the fitness expert, but incorporating it’s methods into your practice will prove invaluable to the clients you serve as well. This is the #1 key to sustainability in this field, and something that has always remained the top priority in my work.

-Dan Mongiori, Founder, Maximum Personal Training

Roseland, NJ