Dave & Liana

We hate going to the gym. We also have a newborn, so it’s been really hard recently finding the time to exercise. We enjoy working out together, but we can never agree on which workout DVD to pop in, and we also really wanted to avoid buying a ton of expensive equipment too (there is nowhere in our apartment to store it! LOL.)

Lian’s new method of training was THE perfect solution for us. Convenient, affordable, personalized, Lian created and implemented innovative workout solutions for each of our individual goals, so that we could workout together, maximize our time to train and achieve solid results in a couple months’ time.

Her training methodology just made it so easy to stay on track and to stay accountable. Within one week, our workout sessions were effortlessly streamlined into our weekly routine, and we couldn’t believe how easy the transition was.

We definitely plan on continuing to train with her, using this new cutting-edge format. Honestly, we will never go back to a traditional personal trainer again. There is absolutely nothing else like this out there right now, and we believe she is truly onto something big :)

We have recommended Lian Price, and her training platform to all of our friends and family. This is hands-down THE best way to train for fast, affordable, and truly lasting results, and we are so happy we made the switch! Thank you Lian for helping us BOTH get our pre-baby bodies back and making it so incredibly convenient, easy and rewarding :)

–Dave & Liana Saltzman
Wellington, FL

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